2020 Green Industry Benchmark Report




It was a good year for green industry businesses.


Revenue growth was robust in 2019.

37% of respondents grew their revenue growth by more than 10% and 70% saw revenue increase in 2019.

Profit margins remained consistent.

24% saw profits in excess of 20%, up slightly from a year ago.

More of the same is expected in 2020.

37% expect revenue growth in excess of 10% and just 15% expect revenue to stay the same or decline in 2020.

But not everything is great.

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Finding employees is difficult.

88% of respondents indicated it was somewhat or very difficult to find good employees.

Yet businesses expect to hire.

70% of businesses expect to grow their staff this year.

And wages are forcing price increases.

46% of respondents are raising prices because of rising labor costs.

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