Sales & Estimating Guide

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Learn How to Set Up & Manage a High Performing Sales Process



Learn the utilizing different types of lead generation and how to utilize them to get prospects into the top of your funnel.

Stages of the Sales Pipeline

Understand how creating the proper stages in your sales process will help you match the right message to the right person while at the same time not losing leads through any holes. 

Sales Pipeline Management

From setting up your pipeline to monitoring and automating to constantly analyzing the flow of prospects, this last step is where you streamline and boost sales.

Step by Step Guide on Creating Profitable Estimates


Lawn Care Estimating

Learn how to properly estimate your services by factoring in everything from property size and characteristics to labor and equipment so the work you do, have the margins you want.

Irrigation Installation Estimating

Installing an irrigation system can be a slippery slope but it doesn't have to be. Learn how to not only create an estimate but how to constantly test and analyze your past work so you constantly improve its profitability.

Turning a Estimate into a Contract

From the services to cost to payment methods to the fine print, understand everything that goes into a bulletproof contract.

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