Our SiteOne Integration Can Make You More Profitable.

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Improve Profitability. Create Accurate Estimates.


Ensure Consistent Profitability

With our SiteOne integration, you can add profit margins to your parts. Then, when you update SiteOne costs, a single mouse click can modify your pricing, keeping your margins at the threshold you'd like.

Accurate Estimates - Anytime

Ever worked late at night on an estimate and didn't have your distributor's pricing to understand your costs? With SiteOne's pricing just a few mouse clicks away, it's easy to create estimates that accurately reflect your costs - anytime.

Easy to Setup and Manage

Setup is easy. Add SiteOne as a distributor, assign your SiteOne parts to HindSite parts and then set your margins on each of those parts. From there, you just need to periodically update SiteOne pricing.

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Add SiteOne as a Distributor

The first step is to setup SiteOne as a distributor. You'll need your SiteOne account number and branch number.

Download Your Parts from SiteOne

After you've setup SiteOne as a distributor in HindSite, download your parts from SiteOne.

Associate Parts and Set Margins

Finally, associate your SiteOne parts with your HindSite parts and add your margins. Once your parts are associated and your margins set, you can update your prices based on the parts' cost.
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